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Research for Measurement of 3-Dimensional Geometry of Microstructure by using 3D-EBSD

Microstructure of metal, for example grain, inclusion and void, has been evaluated by microscopic observation. The evaluation is only 2-dimensional, not 3-dimensional analysis. It means depth information is not enough utilized. However, fatigue crack nucleation and/or creep void growth are deeply affected by the 3-dimensional geometry of microstructure. For that reason, the development of measurement method of microstructure’s 3D-geometry is an important topic. In this research, we are developing the measurement method of 3-dimensional geometry of microstructure using 3D-EBSD, which is capable of detecting the grain boundary geometry and its crystal orientation (Fig. 1). Now, we are addressing to the development of measurement method of creep void’s 3D-geometry (Fig 2).

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