The University of Tokyo Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Fracture Mechanics Laboratory.SAKAI & IZUMI group.


Prof. Sakai and Prof. Izumi Research Group

Research fields:

Sakai-Izumi group has been focusing on the research field of the strength and reliability evaluations of mechanical structures; based on material mechanics, finite element method, fracture mechanics and reliability engineering. Present research covers risk-based engineering for the maintenance, multi-scale simulation for material strength (combining finite element method, dislocation dynamics and molecular dynamics), micro and macro-scale material strength test, and life cycle assessment for environmental evaluation et al. Those researches are applied to the fields of aerospace, semiconductors, MEMS, railroad vehicle, power plant and chemical plants through the collaborations with industries.

Topics of research:
● Application of Bayesian inference to risk-based maintenance.
● 3D-EBSD observation for creep voids
● Research on the effective maintenance scheme for the railroad system
● Multi-scale simulations for various applications
● Three-dimensional finite element analysis for the loosening of bolted joint.
● Application of the molecular dynamics and finite element method to semiconductor devices

research fields

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